Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hourglass Antiques is celebrating our 14th Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 14th anniversary this August, and we want to include YOU! The Big Anniversary Sale begins July 15th and runs through August 31st. Don't miss this event!

Bill and Evelyn Mancino started their antiques & collectibles business in August of 1991. They had been collectors themselves for more than fifteen years when Bill retired from his executive sales position at a major computer firm. His dream, and Evelyn's too, had always been to have an antique shop. But first, they decided, they should get their feet wet by becoming part of an antique mall.

The first mall they became involved with was Tri-City Antique Mall in Largo, Fla. They rented a 12' x 12' space up front with a window. To describe their feeling at this time as 'excited' would be an understatement. Next they opened a 10' x 20' store in the newly opened Floriland Antique Mall in Tampa, and another smaller space in South MacDill Antique Mall. They would go on to be part of two more malls, including Lyon's Head Antique Mall in Holiday, Fla.

By 1999, only one of these malls still existed ~ Lyon's Head. Bill & Evelyn were left with plenty of inventory, and not many options to display it. Their hope of turning their home, built in 1926, into a shop was dashed in 1998 by the local zoning board. That's when they turned to the internet. They became a part of TIAS, The Internet Antique Shop, and have not regretted it for a moment.

With over 1,000 items sold and 665 customers satisfactorily served, Hourglass Antiques is proud of their record at TIAS. They have over 2,500 items on display, ranging from perfume bottles to walking sticks. The anniversay sale will involve the entire store, with discounts up to 50%!


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