Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Items at Hourglass Antiques!

We've added vintage magazine ads including 1964 automobiles (Cadillac, Lincoln, Pontiac Bonneville, Chrysler, Thunderbird), 1963 Volkswagon Beetle, and 1970 Jaguar. Also, you'll find a nice Jerry Lewis & Wembley ties ad, Camel cigarettes, and MOD sportswear from 1970. One full-page full-color ad we have for Lee denim (men's jacket & flared pants) was actually featured as a poster in the motion picture "The Ice Storm", set in 1973, as Tobey Maguire stands waiting for a train.

Advertising: New Items

Also new to the site are many non-fiction books, including SUPERSTARS of BASEBALL by Bob Broeg, CAMERA and LENS, by Ansel Adams, A HOUSEWIVES' GUIDE to ANTIQUES, First Edition, 1959, and 100 YEARS of the U. S. OPEN, 1995.

Non-Fiction: New Items

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~ Evelyn