Saturday, July 23, 2005

Antiques Care Tips

I promised you more tips to care for your antiques, so here we go.....

Large, old paintings look great above a mantelpiece, but if there is a working fire beneath, damage from heat, smoke, and dust can be damaging.

Overcleaning plated silver wears through to the base metal over time. Sheffield plate should not be replated, while electroplate can be. Liquid dipping solutions are not recommended for tarnish removal.

A wall-hung textile should be backed with linen and hung on a wall that is flat and free from moisture, an not facing a window. Hang with the warp running verically to take the strain, as the wefts tend to stretch and distort.

Vintage hats should be gently shaken out regularly. Dust can also be removed by using a blow dryer set on cool. Never leave hatpins in as they leave rust marks and holes. Store in acid-free boxes. While replacement feathers can be found, some are from extinct species, so look for spares at antique shops or markets.

Never set the time on an antique clock by moving the hands backward. Before moving a pendulum clock, the pendulum must be removed or locked in place. Tall case (Grandfather) clocks should be screwed to the wall, as they are top heavy and could topple over.

Never keep old metal toys in a kitchen or bathroom; humidity hastens the natural degradation of the tinplate or diecast alloy. It's best to display them in a glazed cabinet, using sachets of silica gel to control humidity.

Never display pewter, lead, or diecast collectibles in an oak cabinet. The acidic atmosphere will cause decay.

Until next time......

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hourglass Antiques is celebrating our 14th Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 14th anniversary this August, and we want to include YOU! The Big Anniversary Sale begins July 15th and runs through August 31st. Don't miss this event!

Bill and Evelyn Mancino started their antiques & collectibles business in August of 1991. They had been collectors themselves for more than fifteen years when Bill retired from his executive sales position at a major computer firm. His dream, and Evelyn's too, had always been to have an antique shop. But first, they decided, they should get their feet wet by becoming part of an antique mall.

The first mall they became involved with was Tri-City Antique Mall in Largo, Fla. They rented a 12' x 12' space up front with a window. To describe their feeling at this time as 'excited' would be an understatement. Next they opened a 10' x 20' store in the newly opened Floriland Antique Mall in Tampa, and another smaller space in South MacDill Antique Mall. They would go on to be part of two more malls, including Lyon's Head Antique Mall in Holiday, Fla.

By 1999, only one of these malls still existed ~ Lyon's Head. Bill & Evelyn were left with plenty of inventory, and not many options to display it. Their hope of turning their home, built in 1926, into a shop was dashed in 1998 by the local zoning board. That's when they turned to the internet. They became a part of TIAS, The Internet Antique Shop, and have not regretted it for a moment.

With over 1,000 items sold and 665 customers satisfactorily served, Hourglass Antiques is proud of their record at TIAS. They have over 2,500 items on display, ranging from perfume bottles to walking sticks. The anniversay sale will involve the entire store, with discounts up to 50%!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the U.S.!

We're having a Sizzlin’ Summer Jewelry Sale! All costume jewelry and fine estate jewelry reduced 15%-30% through July 15th. Don’t miss this event!

This sale includes fine estate jewelry with gemstones, pearls, and cameos in 14kt & 18kt gold, vintage signed and unsigned costume jewelry, and sterling gemstone jewelry.

We've been providing quality antiques and collectibles for over 14 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. In addition to jewelry, we offer English, European, and Japanese porcelain, art pottery, art glass, Depression glass, carnival glass, vintage prints, perfume bottles, figurines, American dinnerware, advertising collectibles, ephemera such as magazines, postage stamps, and postcards, teddy bears and other toys, all types of books, kitchenware, quilts and dresser scarves, barbershop items, vintage clothing and accessories including handbags, hats, shoes, and spectacles, Black Americana and other memorabilia, watches, furniture, LP's and 45's, and much more!

In addition to a wide range of collectibles, we offer a 7-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Returns are accepted for any reason, as long as the item is in the same condition as when we shipped it. Quality customer service is a high priority at Hourglass Antiques!

We add to our inventory on a regular basis, so each visit will bring new opportunities for you to add to your collection. Our homepage has a "Newest Additions" link for viewing items added within the past 60 days. We encourage questions, offers, and special requests. So come visit us soon!