Monday, December 12, 2005

More Antiques Care Tips

Never touch the surface of a daguerrotype or an ambrotype. The perspiration will stain the image.

To clean wax from glass candlesticks, scrape with a wooden stick, then wash off the remaining wax with rubbing alcohol.

To remove white water stains from wood, put a piece of blotter paper over the spot. Press with a warm iron. The spot should vanish. If it doesn't, rub it with lemon oil.

If you receive a package of glass antiques during cold weather, let it sit inside for a few hours before opening it. The glass must return to room temperature slowly or it may crack.

If a piece of paper becomes stuck to the finish of a dresser top, soak the paper with mineral oil. Let it sit a few hours, then rub with a rough cloth. Repeat until the paper is removed.

To remove dirt or pencil marks from a vinyl doll, wrap doll so only the marked part shows. Rub mark with solid vegetable shortening and place doll in the sun for the day.

Stains on porcelain can be removed by soaking in a mixture of two tablespoons of Polident denture cleaner in a quart of tepid water.

Stained glass windows are more stable than they look. Small cracks in the glass, even a bowed window, is usually not a problem. Cracked solder joints between pieces of glass should be repaired.

A hair dryer set on cool can be used to blow the dust off very ornate pieces of porcelain.

Enjoy these tips, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS Everyone!